Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town - the musical, written by Craig Cassils and Robin Richardson. Read about all aspects of this new show.

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Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town - The Characters


Female - 9
Zena Pepperleigh — Judge Pepperleigh's daughter
Lilian Drone — Dean Drone’s daughter, Zena’s friend
Nora Gallagher — Dr. Gallagher’s daughter, Zena’s friend
Martha Pepperleigh — Judge’s wife
Mrs. Gingham
Mrs. Trelawney
Mrs. Thorpe                         
Miss Cleghorn — Telephone operator
Mrs. Thompson

Male - 11
Peter Pupkin — Bank teller who loves the Judge's daughter
Mallory Tompkins — Reporter for the Mariposa Newspacket, Peter’s roommate
Josh Smith — Proprietor of Smith's Hotel
Jefferson Thorpe — Barber
Dean Rupert Drone — Reverend of the Church of England Church
Dr. Gallagher                       
Judge Pepperleigh
Golgotha Gingham — Undertaker
John Henry Bagshaw — Liberal member of parliament
Christie Johnson — Captain of the Mariposa Belle
Billy — Desk clerk at Smith’s Hotel
Mr. Hussell                          

Extras - optional