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"I don't know whether you know Mariposa. If not, it is of no consequence, for if you know Canada at all, you are probably well acquainted with a dozen towns just like it." - Stephen Leacock

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town - The Synopsis


The novel Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town is a sequence of stories by Stephen Leacock (1869 - 1944) first published in 1912. It is generally considered to be one of the most enduring classics of Canadian humorous literature. The fictional setting for these stories is Mariposa, a small town on the shore of Lake Wissanotti. Although drawn from his experiences in Orillia, Ontario, Leacock writes that Mariposa is not a real town. On the contrary, it is about seventy or eighty of them, all with the same streets and the same maple trees and the same churches and hotels. This work has remained popular for its universal appeal. Many of the characters, though modeled on townspeople of Orillia, are small town archetypes. Their shortcomings and weaknesses are presented in a humorous but affectionate way. Often, Leacock greatly exaggerates the importance of the events in Mariposa.

In creating this new musical, the writers have attempted to stay true to Leacock’s original book. Unfortunately, all of Leacock’s stories and characters could not be accommodated in the span of a musical. The chosen stories include the introductory description of Mariposa, the evolving relationship between Peter Pupkin and Zena Pepperleigh, the various escapades of Josh Smith, the excursion and sinking of the Mariposa Belle, the federal election, Dean Drone’s resignation, the church fire, and the bank robbery. Inserted into these stories by the writers is reference to the women’s suffragette movement that was unfolding at that time. The stories are told by the characters through spoken word and music, carrying the production forward, very often in Leacock’s own words.