neighbours - The Characters


MICHAEL (12 years old) — The central character, who has grown up as a resident of the neighbourhood, Michael is morally conscientious, the heart and soul of the playground, connecting with all the children as they arrive, play and leave the community. He is Monica’s big brother who watches over her in the absence of their father and struggles with his new responsibility as the “man of the house.”

JILL (11) — Jill is a bright and talented, strong-willed optimist who is coping with a family move to the new neighbourhood. Her presence makes waves as she strives to find her place and deal with the challenges of being the “new girl.”

MONICA (5) — Monica, Michael’s little sister, is the youngest of the characters. She is bright and well spoken beyond her years, tending to tell it like she sees it. She is bubbly, imaginative and outgoing, exuberant in everything she does. She carries an oversized oblong paddle with flip pages on which she practises drawing and printing.

JASON (11) — Always the creative genius, Jason is pensive and serious about everything he says and does. Quietly passionate about his endless interests and projects, he is reclusive and perceived to be odd by most of the other children. He gradually discloses the abusive situation at home to his best friend, Michael

RONALD (13) — Ronald is leader of the playground gang, with ambitions of total playground control. He is perceptively aware of others, but only as it can be used in self-serving manipulation for his own gain. His willingness to take advantage of others makes him the playground bully. He foolishly thinks that taking advantage of others is the road to success.

PERRY (10) — Perry is the unofficial recreation director of the playground, who is often trying to drum up support for a game. Always on the move, he loves to play, whether it is sports or make–believe. Ronald capitalizes on this to draw Perry into his team/gang. Rather shy, he is the unwilling target of the affections of the three princesses.

MARGIE (12) — Margie is the self-appointed leader of the group of three princesses. Highly judgmental and authoritarian, she rules by insult, put-down, and intimidation. She perceives herself to be the refined connoisseur of good taste in all that is artistic, using big words to try to impress.

JUDITH ANN (11) — Judith Ann is the second in command in the princess trio. She maintains her position through subservience to Margie, supporting Margie’s self-concept and points of view, although she is more knowledgeable than Margie. She has a slight allergy to peanut butter and is a bit compulsive about cleanliness and hygiene.

HELEN LOUISE (10) — Helen Louise is the third, and always last, princess, who aspires to be a player in the group, but only succeeds in setting herself up for the other two girls to have a chance to put her down. She has a speech impediment, having difficulty correctly pronouncing words containing R’s and L’s. She studies ballet.