neighbours - The Big Picture


neighbours, the musical, is timely - timely in a world where there is so much attention to violence, destruction, and man's inhumanity to man. neighbours, in contrast, is friendly and gentle, even wholesome.

neighbours is a story about children that is written from a children's perspective. Moreover, neighbours is a human story, enjoyable by young audiences and adults alike making it an ideal family show.

But neighbours is more than that. Each character follows an individual learning path as the musical unfolds. One child looks for acceptance in a new community; one copes with abuse; another learns responsibility; and all must learn to live together. The challenges and lessons are not unlike the issues that adults, children, and families face in their everyday lives. This gives neighbours its universal appeal across boundaries of age, gender and nationality.

The foundation of liberty is not just the democratic right to vote, but the respect for the integrity of the individual as the ultimate unit of authority. Great ideals are abstractions that need to be translated down to the level of basic human interaction - that of children living and playing together that all of us can understand. The children in neighbours are respected in their diversity and their right to be different.

Our musical tells a story about nine children in a playground, but it is really a story of nine people in their struggle to find their way. neighbours is universal in its powerful themes and simple lessons.