neighbours - The Synopsis


We've heard that it takes all kinds of people to make a world. The same can be said of neighbourhoods. People thrown together, mostly by chance, are challenged to live their lives, relate to each other, and be a community. They each bring with them their goals, dreams, and ambitions, their troubles and their strengths, their needs and their wants. So it is with all members of the neighbourhood, including the children, who also live side by side and who touch each other's lives like the pieces of a puzzle.

neighbours is about those moments of interaction in a neighbourhood playground involving a genius, a bully, victims, little princesses, and kids who just like to play. Children's lives cross paths, creating a collage of childhood experiences, some traumatic, some charming, some rife with wit and humour. Adults playing the roles of children bring the insight and sensitivity of their years to make them stronger children as adults than they could ever have been as children.

The characters in neighbours are fictional. Any similarity to people, living or dead, to friends, relatives, or even neighbours, is purely coincidental.