Craig Cassils is a native of Manitoba, Canada. Currently living in Winnipeg, Craig has enjoyed a career as a music teacher in Manitoba schools for thirty years. He is a graduate of Brandon University, where he studied psychology and music, with piano his main instrument of study. He has spent a lifetime composing, mainly songs and anthems for vocal and choral performance. Craig has many published works with several publishers, including Canadian International Music, Themes and Variations, Leslie Music and Hope Publishing. His published works include choral music for both children's and adult choirs.

Children of the Universe

His most widely sold song is “Child of the Universe,” which has sales of hundreds of thousands of copies around the world. This is one example of Cassils' works that have been widely performed by many choirs and individuals.

His most recent publications include a variety of new materials published by Themes & Variations, with collections of original songs and song arrangements, written for children's and youth choirs, as well as several new books for recorder. Other new publications include SATB Christmas anthems published by Abingdon Press in Nashville.


During his teaching years, Craig directed countless musical theatre productions at all grade levels, and even in the community and church. He excels at immersing himself in all aspects of production, from writing to directing, set design, costumes, lighting, choreography, orchestra, and publicity. Craig has written several musicals. His first musical to be published was Clowns, a Canadian competition winner for new children's musicals. It premiered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in 1986 at a National Music Educators Conference, and was published by Hope Publishing. Clowns has continued through almost twenty years of sales to be a popular choice by schools and community groups internationally as an uplifting and exciting production.


2000 Together, which was a collaborative effort with Manitoban Robin Richardson, was published by Canadian International Music to celebrate the new millennium.

Another collaboration with Robin was neighbours, winner in a Canadian search for a new Broadway-style musical. neighbours was premiered by a Toronto theatre company in the early 1990s. You can see more information about neighbours, read the synopsis here.

Craig has recently retired from teaching. He and his wife Robin currently reside in Winnipeg, where Craig continues to write steadily and enthusiastically. His music is being sung by choirs around the world.